LaFortune Park Tennis and The Case Tennis Center have become the largest and fastest growing tennis facility in the Tulsa and Oklahoma areas.  Starting with just six courts, LaFortune Park Tennis now boasts 24 total courts, three indoor and 21 outdoor courts.  Paired with a beautiful landscape, and plenty of area and seating for the public to enjoy watching our sport, we have become a popular destination for tennis players and the public.

The newest of our facility is The Case Tennis Center which includes a pro shop, social sitting areas, and 3 indoor courts, as well as administration offices and the player check-in counter.

Our outdoor courts are situated with a multi-tier layout.  9 lower courts provide the public with a higher vantage point and stadium style seating allowing a better view of multiple courts at once.  The lower court seating is covered, keeping the sun and weather off of those who want to watch tennis in a relaxing outdoor atmosphere.  This is a popular spot for many of our players to gather and socialize before, during, and after matches.  There is also a deck with umberella table seating.  Each outdoor court comes with two benches, a water cooler, and a scoring kiosk.

There are 12 courts on the upper level.  Riser seating has been situated around the courts so that each court has a place for the public to sit and view matches.  Along with seating, the upper deck is the home for our tournament kiosk, as well as multiple water coolers and benches.  All lower courts, upper courts, and public areas are well lit at night.

Our pro shop offers various choices of clothing, shoes, bags, racquets, and other tennis gear you may be looking for or need during a match.  We also offer professional racquet stringing services.

The inside social sitting area contains 12 tables and plenty of seating for those times in which you are not playing, but want to relax with your tennis friends, watch a match on television, or just sit with a deck of cards.  There is a second social seating area inside the court area of the center.  Couches and seating with tables allow for a relaxing experience while watching some great tennis played indoors.

Our 3 indoor courts can be divided by net screens, and each court comes with two benches, a water cooler, and scoring kiosk.  We offer plenty of tennis training services such as tennis drills, group and private tennis lessons, leagues, and tournaments for both juniors and adults.  We also have rental services such as courts, ball machines, and group function space.