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Tennis Gear

Check out all of the Case Center At LaFortune Park Tennis Gear including racquets, string, bags, balls and much more!

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Head Instinct S

The INSTINCT MP, now with the innovative Graphene 360+ technology, is perfect for the advanced tournament player who needs effortless power and a very high level of comfort.




Head Instinct Lite

The INSTINCT LITE provides easy playability and effortless power and comfort to club players, thanks to its bigger head size and sweetspot, as well as the innovative Graphene 360+ technology.




Head Extreme MP

The EXTREME MP provides extreme spin and power to the aggressive playing tournament player.



Head Extreme S

The Head Extreme tennis racquets offer a bi-coloured structure and a flashy design in fluorescent yellow and black. Used by Richard Gasquet, this model is ideal for developing spin and much more power. Push your opponents way back with this Extreme spin racquet.



Babolat Pure Aero

Specializing in spin and power, the Babolat Pure Aero is one of the game's most legendary racquets. At 11.2 ounces strung, this stick is ideal for hard charging intermediate players, but it should also work very well for the advanced ball striker who is looking to go on offense.



Babolat Pure Aero Lite

Introducing the lightest member of the Pure Aero family. This racquet offers the spin-friendly precision of the standard Pure Aero but in a lighter, more user-friendly package.



Babolat Pure Drive

With its "best of class" combination of speed, power and spin, the Pure Drive is one of the most popular and versatile racquets ever made.



Babolat Pure Drive VS

With the Pure Drive VS, Babolat adds a new chapter to the one of the game's most iconic racquets. Like the standard Pure Drive, these racquets were invented for the explosive mechanics of the modern power game.



Babolat Pure Drive Lite

With the 2018 version of the Pure Drive Lite, Babolat keeps a good thing going. Like past versions of the Pure Drive Lite, this racquet is perfect for improving beginners and strong juniors.



Babolat Pure Drive 107

Fans of oversized racquets should love this update to Babolat’s Pure Drive 107. At around 10.7 ounces strung, this racquet is suitable for rising beginners, but it should also appeal to the intermediate player who wants something light and powerful.



Babolat Pure Drive Team

The Pure Drive Team offers the spin, power and precision of the standard Pure Drive but in a slightly lighter, more manageable package.



Babolat Boost Strike

Players looking for power, precision and spin should love the Boost S, one of the better values in Babolat's racquet line. At 10.4 ounces this racquet is light enough for both beginners and rising juniors, but it should also work well for intermediate adults looking for explosive acceleration.



Babolat Boost Drive

Introducing the Boost Drive! This racquet is ideal for beginners, rising juniors and recreational players who want a solid performance racquet. With its ultra manaueverable weight, the Boost Drive delivers very easy access to pace and spin.


Babolat Boost Aero

Introducing the Babolat Boost Aero, the perfect racquet for beginners or recreational players who want an amazing value. This racquet should also work well for juniors who are ready to take the leap into their first adult size racquet. 


Wilson Ultra 100 L

With this update to the Ultra 100L, Wilson has created an explosive racquet for improving players. At 10.4 ounces strung, the Ultra 100L should appeal to a broad range of intermediate players, including the occasional league player or weekend warrior.



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